A Luckie Future

Luckie & Co. employee and professional, Lori Merricks visited Samford University Principles of PR class this previous Friday. Lori Merricks graduated from Samford in 2000. She has worked at Luckie for eleven years.

Luckie is a very successful public relations agency. They were founded in 1953. They are ranked as the 5th ad agency-owned pr operation in the U.S. They have had many clients that have given there name a big boost among popular ad agencies.

Ms. Merricks taught me a lot about public relations as an occupation, but here were the things that I believe will prove to be most beneficial in my future with public relations:

1) The objectives  that a good brand will achieve:

  • Delivering the message clearly
  • Confirming credibility ( leading and knowing what your company is aiming toward)
  • Connecting with target prospects emotionally (Once they’ve tried your product they don’t want to try a different brand)
  • Motivating the buyer
  • Concreting user loyalty (Always  same quality. Quality that is good.)

2) Three types of Brand Alliances

  • CoBrands- Two or more brands or once certain product
  • Brand Licenses
  • Cross Marketing an agreement for mutual promotion

3) Brand Protection

  • Crisis Management
  • Smoldering Crisis (Existing crisis)
  • Sudden Crisis
  • Internet Reputation Management (Monitoring what’s said online)

4) Personal Internet Management

  • Make Facebook private ( Don’t post anything I wouldn’t want my grandmother to see)
  • Open Twitter and LinkedIn to boost a positive image for myself.

5) Purpose (Identity)

  • Message (Depends on audience)
  • Audience
  • Channel (Where do I need to send my message?)
  • Timing (Only do it when it makes sense)

I think all of these attributes add up to make a very successful public relations practitioner.  I intend to remember them and apply them in all my future opportunities.

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