Just a Few Things to Keep in Mind.

On Friday February 4th, my Principles of Public Relations class at Samford University was visited by a PR pro from Luckie and Company. Our guest speaker, Lori Merricks, who is the account director for Luckie gave my class some helpful advice about the world of public relations. She started off telling us a little about the company. Luckie and Company was founded in 1953 and currently has 122 employees. Luckie is not just a PR company, however, they also do advertising, event planning and design. They are the 5th ranked ad-agency owned PR operation in the U.S.

A Few Things I Learned From Lori:

There are 3 elements to public relations that Luckie uses:

1) Brand Marketing-This delivers the message clearly and confirms your credibility to the consumers, as well as motivates them to buy.

2) Brand Alliance- There are many different types of brand alliances, but the most common one is a co-brand alliance which is a mutual promotion between two companies.

3) Brand Protection- This is all about crisis management and watching to see what is being said about the products your company is promoting.

When it comes to public relations, and working with new clients, research is always an essential part to the overall PR campaign. A good PR agent uses strategic planning, going in and finding out what works, they should also know to use other social media outlets to get their messages and products out there and noticed. Some key influencers that might be able to help are journalists, bloggers and consumers.


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