3 thoughts on “Super Bowl TV ads to unleash social media campaigns – Lost Remote”

  1. I am a huge fan of the Super Bowl– half for of the game, and half (I confess) for the commercials. As someone who is finally starting to let go of the “traditional” technology-free way of life, I admit, it’s a genius thought to intertwine commercials and twitter to make it interactive for fans and potential customers. I am impressed.

  2. This is brilliant. I guarantee twitter users everywhere will be tweeting during the game about their favorite commercial and they will be using the hash tags that are provided by the company and before they know it those tags will be trending everywhere leading more people to go to youtube and check out what everyone is tweeting about.

  3. This doesn’t surprise me at all. Social media in Super Bowl advertising definitely means Social Media is big. I think social media is going to be a big part of my future in public relations. It makes me really happy that I’m such an avid user of facebook. It also makes me want to get better adapted to twitter because I know I’m going to be on it a lot no matter where my job is.

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