4 thoughts on “Twitter abbreviations”

  1. Even though I think some of those abbreviations are just ridiculous I think compiled lists such as that are beneficial for new Twitter users. Most people just see Twitter as a glorified Facebook status updater. I may have been one of those anti twitter folks a couple of years ago. It was not until I realized how much information could be relayed from 140 characters (or how ever many there are) that I saw the importance of the whole thing. I use Twitter to follow different music websites, my favorite artists, some friends, and to share some time useful information with others.
    Twitter, way to go.

  2. I can honestly say I’ve only seen two of those abbreviations used IRL. IMHO people don’t typically deem abbreviations necessary. FWIW, I got a giggle from the list, but there’s NFW the general population considers these ‘well-known’ abbrevs. TY for sharing, but NTY, I don’t think I’l add these to my Twitter vocab.
    BTW, I enjoyed typing this…it’s possible abbreviations are more fun that I thought. #eatingmyownwords

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