How to Turn Disaster Into Gold

Great example of solid company response to potential PR crisis, by Jason Fried of 37signals:

How to Turn Disaster Into Gold.


2 thoughts on “How to Turn Disaster Into Gold”

  1. 37signal handled their crisis the correct way. If I had been one of their consumers, I would have felt like they cared about the issue. It was wonderful that they kept their consumers and other businesses updated with the problem. They were honest about how sometimes they could not fix something. Being open, honest and sincere is a great PR move. They were not like other companies who write fake apologies and hide behind their mistakes.

  2. I think 37signal did a great job with this situation. I feel like this blog will be very beneficial for my future. He brought up a very valid point when he discussed how we can’t just rely on fixing the problem. Fixing the problem is a given. As public relation practitioners we have to make sure we have the absolute best communication possible with our customers and audiences they are reaching out to.

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