What I’ve learned from 18 weeks of PR

A. The most useful thing i’ve learned in Principles of PR is how to communicate effectively. Through all of the social media out there, its easy to get swept away. This class has shown me what it takes to have a voice; whether that be through writing, blogging, design, or tweeting. Its been great to have hands-on experience to maneuver through all the logistics and gain a well rounded understanding of social media and its impact in the world of PR.

B. The most challenging aspect of PR has been grasping the concept of research. Although this simply means to KNOW your client inside & out, there are many layers that create companies, brands, etc. Research is such an essential part of any PR relationship; you must know the company like you worked for them. This seems intimidating and somewhat daunting. It is a challenging aspect indeed but one i know i will grow accustomed to after some quality practice and experience in the field.

C. What i think will help me succeed in these last two weeks of PR is my diligence in preparation for the final. I must understand the material, not simply have it memorized. All of the material we have been tested on are key principles of PR and i know that i must retain all of this information for future job opportunities.


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