Skip the fluff, write good stuff

I feel that I learned a lot from the readings regarding Principles of Effective Writing. After reading through the text I soon realized that several things I thought was helping my writing was hurting it instead. The top 5 things I took away from this except were:

  1. Use short and simple words. Using bigger words won’t always benefit my writing. I just need to get my point across.
  2. Lead paragraphs contain answers. This is a great way to engage your reader. The better the question the more they will read.
  3. Don’t elaborate. In other words don’t “fluff” when you’re writing.
  4. One paragraph, one idea. When writing I have so many ideas I want to add and tend to lump them all together in one paragraph. This tip is simple and  quite helpful.
  5. Use the pyramid power. The pyramid is a simple rule to follow (especially since I am a visual learner.) Begin with lead paragraphs, continue with the body paragraphs and then end with concluding paragraphs.

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