Proofreading. (for bloggers)

“Proofreading is vitally important, hard to do well, and tedious as hell.” ~Brian Clark

The blog post by Shane Author revealed several blogging tips that i found particularly useful for our weekly posts.

#6- Write… Run away… then read.

This tip explains how helpful it is to find common errors if you just take a break from your blog and come back to it. Its good just to clear your mind from all the text before jumping into “skim proofing”. This has been a very helpful hint during all my “post writing” sessions.

#11 – Keep a list of words you misspell.

This tip has helped immensely because I am honestly one of the worst spellers out there!  It’s been useful to recognize those words i commonly misspell and learn how to spell them correctly. There are bundles of new words permanently mushed into my brain. 🙂

and lastly,

#10- Avoid the passive voice.

Our class has stressed the importance of this tip on a number of days. It is essential for bloggers to maintain authority, therefore we must write with authority!


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