Hit the books!

The textbook Principles of Effective Writing has provided several insightful writing tips/strategies. There are 5 things that particularly stood out to me from the readings on pgs. 135-137:

  1. Be brief. This is an editing decision we don’t always like to make, but sometimes less is more. If you want to be recognized as a credible blogger, you need to be able to make a point. Short and sweet is always a good policy.
  2. Pyramid Power:
  3. Be specific. Don’t communicate in generalities, but be as concrete as possible.
  4. Use bulleted lists. This is a layout/design decision. Its easier to read key points if they are laid out in front of you.
  5. Use one main idea per paragraph. Although this may seem simple, i often forget how easy it is to ramble. As bloggers, we must figure out how to communicate effectively to our readers. They’re not going to read the whole blog if you make it one long confusing paragraph. Spice it up and make your writing appealing to the eye.

TWEET: Tweeting has helped me to choose my words wisely and create a lasting impression with my 140 characters of life.


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