Super proofer

I really enjoyed reading “14 Foolproof Proofreading Tips for Bloggers”, by Shane Arthur. I feel like all of the tips listed are easy quick ways to improve your proofreading skills. In all of my journalism classes my teachers stress not to use passive voice. I feel like it is a commonly made mistake, and it easy to do it without even realizing it. However, three other tips that stood out to me were: keep a list of words you always misspell, keep references nearby, and write… run away… then read. I am the person, who misspells the same word all the time, but I never thought to keep a list of my commonly misspelled words; keeping this list will allow me to focus on my other weak areas. I think keeping your references near by is a great thing to do. This way when I am proofing my papers the materials I need to look things up in are right beside me, which in turn will save me time. Finally, I am the king of writing a paper, then sitting down right after I wrote it and proof it. After reading this post, I am going to make more of an effort to put aside my writing for a little bit, while I do something else to renew my mind.


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