Get Connected in PR!

Relationships are very important in Public Relations. You will gain no trust from anyone without an effective relationship. Communication policies must be set to help achieve an organizational culture for these relationships. Chapter 10 in our book states

…forecasting and monitoring relationships with key audiences and planning flexible communication structures so that employees will understand and support new situations and organizational environments.

The book also lists successful communication policies. Here are a few examples:

Keep employees informed of organizational goals.

Level with employees about negative, sensitive, or controversial issues.

Establish a culture where innovation and creativity are encouraged.

Networking is also key to Public Relations. The more people you know, the more connections you have as well as the more relationships you have built. Networking with the media is a necessity. It is so important to have a good and trusting relationship with the media so that they will talk or write about your client/company in a positive way. Public relation practioners are the “gate keepers”  between their client and the media and it is important for both for a “gate keeper” to be there.


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