The “Write” Way to Effective Writing

The “write” way to effective writing can be summed up in about 5 simple things I have learned through reading and examining pages 135-137 from our PR Principles textbook, Public Relations: The Profession and the Practice.

Here are 5 great tools that will not only foster the growth of your writing but will help to make sure you are doing it the “write” way:

1. Write simple.

2. Use ACTIVE not Passive voice.

3. Be specific.

4. Know who you’re trying to target. Who is your target audience? Who are you trying to reach?

5. Use inverted pyramid style. Most important information always comes first!

Writing in a simple way will not only help you enhance your writing but will also allow you to become a better PR writer. Using resources such as Twitter will force you to simplify your sentences and help you to be more specific because Twitter only allows you to post up to 140 characters per message! Use Twitter daily to strengthen your writing.


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