Reading and achieving

After reading pages 135 through 137, I did not learn anything new in the first section. In the class writing and editing, JMC 300, we are learning all about the effective styles and tips for writing a successful article or press release. All of the tips mentioned in our book are put into our heads on a daily basis while in JMC 300. However, I feel as though all of the tips listed in the reading are the key to having a successful career in PR. The tip I struggle with the most would be wordiness. I enjoy adding fluff into my writing, however after being in JMC 300 my wordiness is decreasing.

As far as Media selection, after reading this section I was able to thoroughly grasp the concept of controlled and uncontrolled media. The class principles of public relations, is teaching us right now how to utilize one of the major controlled mediums, the World Wide Web. By blogging and tweeting we are learning key tools that we will need to take with us and apply to the world of PR when we graduate and begin the search for a job. Tweeting is a great tool to use when trying to become a better PR writer. By having to limit your tweets to 140 characters you are learning how to optimize and get your message across in as few words as possible.

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