Fleeting the Tweeting

As I reviewed my Twitter activity from the past semester, it became blatantly obvious that Twitter is not “my thing”. I have a total of 19 tweets, 12 of which are PR related original tweets and retweets. Sadly, that is a very low number and I’ve realized other tweeters have far surpassed that number, tweeting at least once a day. Most of the social tweeters out there tweet every 2 hours! There’s constant witty updates about their friends, moods, and everyday events of their lives. I’m not bashing twitter fans, i just can’t seem to figure it out and get on the bandwagon. I like tweeting when I have something to say but often times I find myself searching for something of worth to send out to the world. The introvert in me is struggling to actively tweet. I don’t like to tweet simply because i would rather talk to someone in person than send a statement out to the masses. I would rather be intentional and invest in the lives around me than search Twitter for updates. Most of the social uses of twitter are purely for gossip. I respect the social media tools used through twitter and can definitely see how they expand and fuel networking. But i don’t understand why our generation needs to broadcast ourselves as individuals. There is a lack of communication suffocating in the vast amounts of information.

Maybe I’ll get used to it. Maybe I’ll find my niche and enjoy updating the world!  Is there a class on Tweeting?  🙂

But until i master the art, I’m going to get off the computer and go find out what’s going on for myself.


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