Writing just as good as a journalist

The book for class Public Relations The Profession and The Practice has been very helpful to me throughout this class. The excerpt on the principles of effective writing gave great tips that are beneficial towards this class. Here are five important tips I learned from this excerpt.

Use short, simple words and sentences.

Having shorter sentences helps achieve better understanding and clarity in your writing.

Inverted Pyramid Form.

This is a great tool to help with organization while writing. The most important methods are covered first like the who, what, when, etc. questions with this method.  Readers are more likely to get their attention drawn to a story with a strong opening.

Avoid slang.

It is more difficult for a mass audience to comprehend when slang is used. People who speak English as a second language do not most of the common slang words.

Cite reasons for your opinions.

Supporting your writing with facts and statistics provides credibility.

Keywords for search engines.

When writing for the Internet, using keywords helps to drive search engines. Easy keywords also help with your audience having an easy time finding your writing.

When reading this excerpt, I also learned about controlled media and how important it has become in PR. One especially is the World Wide Web. The World Wide Web allows managed communication to flow directly between organizations and mass audience without gate-keeping functions. Twitter is an example of one of the communication tools being used today in this way. Using Twitter will help me become a better PR writer because of the fact you can only tweet something up to 140 words. This limit makes you be to the point and specific but allows just enough room to communicate effectively.


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