Connected Relationships.

According to communication expert Norman Sigband, top management generally recognizes the need for and sincerely desires two-way communication.

Our book contains lots of good advice when it relationships, and two-way communication is key.  Personal relationships refers to internal communications in a company.  The ideal situation would be for all employees to freely participate, and in exchange the employees receive information.

Networking is the next step.  Networking is developing a friendship between employees and management.  This works hand-in-hand with controlled media, or internal media.

The goal of internal media is the  improvement of relationships between employees and management.

This concept is explained in the textbook as well (p. 208). It is important for an organization to decided which type of media will best reach their employees.  Examples of this include newsletters, emails, brochures and posters.  Internal media will need to be updated as the employees change to fit each of their needs.  The more precise the media is, the better networking the company can have.


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