“Proof” Before “Purchase”

Unofficial “proofreader of bloggers,” Shane Author shares insightful information about proofreading in a recent post. I was able to learn about many ways to become a more successful proofreader of my own work through 14 of Author’s great tips.

Here are 3 tips for proofreading that I found most helpful:

1. Read and Write EVERYDAY. It can only make you stronger and more knowledgeable.

2. If you hate to write, write about what you hate. If you hate to read, read about what you love. This makes a great point. Make reading and writing an enjoyable process—it is a privilege.

3. Read aloud. Then read silently if time permits. If you read aloud you will be better able to hear your mistakes. This is something I heavily rely on when proofreading any of my own writing.

*IMPORTANT: Avoid passive voice… “to be…or NOT to be”- Write with authority and meaning. The less words the better when avoiding passive voice. Avoid all the “fluff”; it can distract attention away from the meaning of a sentence or even a theme you may be trying to get across to your audience. Simplify your wording.

To summarize, I think:

Proofreading is an important process. It will make a difference in how people view your “product”. If your product is filled with flaws, your audience probably won’t buy into what you are trying to “sell”. So make sure you “proof” your product before you make it available for “purchase”!


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