How to become a Proofreading Pro

As someone who loves a challenge I found Tip #1: Assume a proofreader mindset to be quite useful. I concur with Author’s statement that proofreading can be tedious and also agree that by making it a challenge of some sort will help. In fact it did help because as soon as Author mentioned that the post would have 25 misspellings I was already on the hunt to find all 25! I’ll definitely apply this tip when I’m proofreading.

I loved Tip #6: Write…run away…then read. As a runner I found this tip appealing since I already go for “clear my head” jogs. As far as proofreading goes, what a perfect time to get a quick run in, right in between writing and reading! Although I’m an advocate for the phrase, “kill two birds with one stone,” when it comes to proofreading it’s best to make the writing and reading two very separate steps. Writing is time-consuming and the last thing I want to do after I write is proofread what I’ve worked on for an extended about of time. By throwing a run in between these two steps (writing and proofing) I know I’ll be recharged and ready for the proofreading challenge!

A simple yet very effective tip was #11: Keep a list of words you always misspell. It’s easy to do and will certainly pay off in the end.

Watch out for the Passive Voice

Tip #10: Avoid the Passive Voice is a difficult tip for me to recognize. Yet after reading Shane’s post that lists specific words of the passive voice I now have a better chance of recognizing a passive voice sentence when I see one. Author suggests entering words from the list into my word processor to check if verbs follow them, if so then I know to rewrite my sentence.


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