To tweet or not to tweet?

I was quite disappointed at the low number of tweet’s I’ve sent this semester.  I’m not too sure why I am not sending tweets. To be honest, I tend to forget I have a twitter. I’m already terrible at keeping up with Facebook (or I’m simply not addict like many others).

My inactivity on Facebook and Twitter is kind of ironic considering I do like social media. I love communication, meeting new people and making those connections! Not to mention that I’m able to chat with friends and family 1,110 miles away all in the comfort of my own room!  

Sometimes I wonder how valuable my tweets are and if anyone will even benefit or care to read them. That very well may be another reason why I don’t tweet much. With just a few weeks left of the semester I’ll continue to ponder, to tweet or not to tweet?


2 thoughts on “To tweet or not to tweet?”

  1. “To tweet, or not to tweet”. Classic and so very true. I understand the stress of a semester at Samford and Twitter is not always going to cross our minds!

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