Five Principles of Effective Writing

What does it take to be a so-called “effective writer?” Is it grammar, intelligence, or even spelling skills? Well after reading a bit of our good old textbook I have learned five important effective writing skills.

1.  Always package your ideas. A sentence is a package for ideas, so make it short and sweet. Short sentences contain one idea and the optimum average for a sentence is 17 words.

2. Be specific. We shouldn’t communicate in generalities, but instead be as concrete as possible.

3. Cite reasons for your opinions. Support thoughts with statistics, facts, and statements from outside sources to help prove credibility.

4. Always avoid slang and jargon. No one will understand what you are talking about.

5. Use the pyramid power. Always consider the inverted pyramid form when writing a paper. You start with lead paragraphs, then body of article and then end with concluding paragraphs.


One thought on “Five Principles of Effective Writing”

  1. Well Twitter is exactly what I like to do on a daily basis, “tweeting” will help improve my writing skills. Twitter is a controlled media that is used by public relations practitioners. This mean PR writers can decide what to publish and how the message is delivered to the audience. Twitter is becoming huge across the United States and it has become a very important social media tool. This is why tweeting will help my writing skills because as I “tweet” I will be using effective writing skills. I’m wanting to get a message out and I’m having to write in in a certain way to garner my target publics attention.

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