Oh the world of Twitter!

To be perfectly honest, I am not a big fan of Twitter. I personally find it confusing and just boring. Retweets, original tweets just aren’t that exciting and I haven’t done a lot of them. To me, it seems like a site to just kill time. But you have to remember, I never even use FaceBook! I guess I should venture out to this Social Media world we live it and hopefully one day will be able to love and appreciate Twitter.


2 thoughts on “Oh the world of Twitter!”

  1. I appreciate your dislike. I wasn’t that sure of the usefulness of Twitter before last Fall.

    Once I began using Twitter I discovered that it is very useful and a great tool for networking and building relationships.

    The media landscape may change–it’s constantly evolving. But one thing is for certain: If you’re graduating in the next year and want a career in a media field (especially PR/integrated marketing communications) you’ll be expected to know how to use Twitter and you’ll be using it as part of your job every day.

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