Errors in Everything.

Shane Author gave incredible advice in one of her recent blogs, 14 Foolproof Proofeading Tips for Bloggers.  Out of her 14 tips, three stuck out at me for several reasons.

Challenge yourself by imagining there are errors in everything you write.

This is great advice, because I struggle with proofreading my own work.  I never turn in a paper, or project, knowing that there are errors.  Unfortunately, there usually are several errors. Through reading this blog, I now know why it is easy for me to make these errors.

Trying to get everything done at once will only allow errors to fool your eyes into believing they’re not there.

I often write and edit within the same sitting.  I now know that if I give my eyes a rest, my eyes will cetch more mistakes.

Thes last advice I learned from her blog is to keep a list of words that I regularly misspell. An online dictionary website has a list of words that people misspell, which is good to keep at your side while writing.

Some of the best advice deals with active and passive voice.

In your word processor, do a search for each of the words above. If verbs follow them, it’s probably a passive voice sentence that you should rewrite.

This is a great tool to point out if passive voice is being used.  If I can grasp this mindset, I know my work will have fewer, if not no, mistakes.


One thought on “Errors in Everything.”

  1. I’m glad you found Author’s tips to be useful. And I like the way you use the quotation marks tool to visually indicate the advice you found most useful.

    As for proofreading–it’s definitely best to put your document away for some period of time before a final proofing. If I’m sending an extremely important email I’ll often save it as a draft and then review an hour later, just to make sure I’ve caught any typos before sending.

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