Principles of PR questions!

I would say the most useful thing I have learned thus far in Principles of PR is the communication process. This is because it breaks down the steps of getting through to your audience. Also, the fact the that when you are creating a message you need to be sure that it is written at the level of comprehension of your set audience because if they cannot decode the message then the process was a waste.

I would say the most challenging aspect of Principles of PR, thus far, is definitely keeping all of the theories straight. The reason why I feel like this has been the most difficult part is because there are so many different theories that it is easy to get one mixed up with another.

I think staying on top of my blogs and continuing to study the notes will definitely be the key in helping me succeed in the final month of this semester. I think those are the key because right now is really the crunch time to make sure you have grasped all of the concepts thus far, so that way you will be able to learn the new concepts we will be learning. As far as the blogging, I think it is crucial to keep up with and stay on the ball with good informative blogs.


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