Social Media’s Importance

The most useful thing I’ve learned thus far in Principles of PR is that social media is important. Social media is so important because it reaches out to many different people 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With social media becoming so popular, it is important that businesses stay be up-to-date via Twitter, Facebook, etc.

The most challenging aspect of Principles of PR, thus far, is using social media. Social media is difficult to manage. It requires a lot of time and attention.

What I think will help me the most to succeed during the final month of the semester is focusing mostly on Twitter because I will be able to have a stronger background in the area.

One thought on “Social Media’s Importance”

  1. Emily! You hit this spot on! Social Media is so important today and will continue to be in future generations–I agree. That is why this class is so important for us to take.

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