Principles of PR

This semester I decided to take Principles of PR which has turned out to be a very interesting class. I’ve currently already taken the PR classes at Samford and so I figured this would pratically be the same thing. While there are many similar aspects, PR Principles has turned out to be interesting and different from my other PR classes. The most useful thing I’ve learned thus far in Principles of PR is the history of PR. In my other classes we did not focus on the history and background of PR but instead we learned how to apply it to the real world. I enjoyed learning about the history of PR founders and also several theories known to PR. For me, it helped me understand public relations better and also apply it better to my everyday life. The most challenging aspect of Principles of PR, thus far, is blogging. Blogging is something I have never done before and struggle with time to time. What I think will help me the most to succeed during the final month of the semester is to improve my blogging. While it has improved since day one of the class, I can still work to improve my blogging skills.



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