Nine Steps to Strategic Planning

For developing a PR strategy regarding The Samford Runners one needs to consider the nine steps to strategic planning. Our first step is to analyze the situation, which at Samford is that students who like to run currently do not have a voluntary club they can join. Our second step is to analyze the organization, Samford University has a great gym and a fantastic trail across the street so it would be the ideal place to start a running club. Our third step is to analyze the publics, the publics in this case are current students who like to run. Being an avid runner, I know many students will be interested in this type of club. For our particular goal the next step would be step 6: designing effective communication. For this running club to be started effective communication needs to be done so all students will learn about it. Ways that this can be done is through posters, emails, sign up sheets in the gym and of course word of mouth. The rest of the steps are very important to the strategic plan but cannot thoroughly be discussed until our current steps are completed.

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