New Techniques, Challenges & Success

Where to begin…Principles of PR has progressed into a wonderful learning experience thus far in the semester. I would have to say that the most useful thing I have learned so far is how blogging works. I never realized how much is involved in the blogging process and that there were so many places that allowed you to create a blog. I have learned that what I once thought was the worst invention ever, Twitter, is actually a great resource and can be quite entertaining and enjoyable. Focusing on forms of social media has been very beneficial because it has not only helped me out with my current internship, but it is something that is going to be continuously present in our lives and in future generations.

I have not had too many challenges this semester so far, but I do not like that we only get to meet once a week. The class would be more beneficial to students if it met twice a week rather than one because it is hard to keep up with assignments with the classes being spread so far apart.

I believe that in order for me to be most successful in the final weeks of class I will need to be more “on top” of the weekly assignments and stray from my normal procrastination methods. I think that if supplied with more feedback from past blogs written, I will be able to focus on making my last posts better, which will show how I have developed through the class. I already feel more confident about my new ability of posting on blogs online. I feel successful and excited about the content and assignments for the coming weeks!


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