Jenna’s Principles of PR

The most useful thing I have learned thus far in our class is the value of social media, and how it will portray  you, or your business, in a positive or negative  light. This summer I will be working on the social marketing team for the WMU, Women’s Mission Unions, and look forward to putting to action what I have been doing.

The most challenging aspect of Principles of PR has been learning to use social media. This was especially hard because at the time, I did not desire to learn it.

What I think will help me to succeed during the final month of the semester is to continue to read PRSquared because I have learned a lot from that blog and almost look up to you!

One thought on “Jenna’s Principles of PR”

  1. I completely agree. It has been difficult trying to learn how to use social media. I wasn’t excited about it either, but now that I’ve started, it’s fun.

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