Strategic Planning for SATP

As the public relations chair for Samford Students Against Teen Pregnancy (SATP) it is our mission to help reduce the number of teen pregnancy through mentoring and informing teens of the consequences of unprotected sex. I have come up with a strategic plan that I hope will help this organization carry out our mission.

Strategic Communication Plan:

Analyzing the Situation. Teen pregnancy is a growing issue today and it needs to be addressed. This situation affects not only the pregnant teen but her family, her partner and her partner’s family as well.

Analyzing the Organization & Effective Communication. The organization (SATP) will provide mentoring sessions in neighboring high school and middle schools. The meetings will be held once a week for 90 minutes for the duration of the school year. Potential public relations/marketing communication include: E-mails, posters, facebook groups/events and of course word of mouth.  Convo hour will be devoted to preparing these marketing methods.

Analyzing the Publics. The target audience for the meetings is male and female teenagers. Different speakers from various walks of life will come in to talk with the students about safe sex and the effects of not using protection. SATP is a voluntary club therefore the services, materials and financial aspect will be provided by the volunteers themselves. The club will be run mostly by college students with the help of parents, teachers and Samford’s University Ministries.

Establishing Goals and Objectives. SATP has both a main objective and a relational goal. While our objective is to reduce the rate of teen pregnancies through mentoring however SATP isn’t merely a weekly meet and greet. While we want to inform teens about safe sex we also hope to build comfortable and honest relationships. To attain this, the students and mentors are given the opportunity to exchange numbers and email addresses at the first few meetings. Our hope is that this will enable the students to call or email mentors with questions, problems or even to celebrate accomplishments.


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