Strategic Planning

Each individual has come to the conclusion that the Samford Students Against Teen Pregnancy should become more vocal to the community. The mission will be for us to help teens understand the commitment, responsibility and risks of becoming pregnant too early.

We want to surround ourselves with knowledgeable people and possibly a few who have experienced teen pregnancy. The Samford Students Against Teen Pregnancy wants to be trusted with information they are given while being open and honest with those they come in contact with.

There are many groups helping teens stay away from becoming pregnant. We, as Samford students, want to develop more personal relationships with teens struggling with difficult decisions, such as sex. We want to be available at all times, and we want to allow the teens to feel as if they can talk to one of openly. I think this will set us apart from our fellow activists.

Other groups who will aid us will be moms who became pregnant during their teen years, fathers who became fathers during their teenage years and doctors/nurses. These types of people will be able to help us spread the word on waiting to get pregnant.

These teens, whether they are male or female, need to know the difficulties and struggles before they find themselves in a predicament. This group will try to always respond to situations correctly. We will surround ourselves with people who are experienced in each area so that we can provide teens with proper information.

We will have a spokesperson who will speak to the media. This person will be encouraging and direct at the same time. We want people to know that we are very serious about this topic. This is a big deal in today’s society and it’s something we don’t want to take lightly.

We will have face-to-face involvement with all people. We want personal relationships so that people feel comfortable talking about personal information.

Our group will meet every other Thursday night at 7 in the Pete Hanna Center on Samford University’s campus. Coffee and water will be provided. Since these students are volunteers, money will not be an issue. This is free to anyone who needs our help. If attendance rises, we will need to make changes, but we are prepared to do so. We have put a lot of time and effort into planning this group. We hope you find us helpful. We are here to serve your needs.


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