Successful Strategic Planning from a student led group

I am the public relations chair for Samford Students Against Teen Pregnancy. Our mission is to mentor young students to help reduce the number of teen pregnancy. To make this happen, a strategic communication plan must be set.

Analyzing is one of the first key steps to good strategic planning. For this organization, we had to understand the situation and the publics to come up with what are mission would be about. The organization also had to agree on who is our public. We came to the conclusion that young teens were our target public. Understanding the public’s needs and expectations are crucial in being successful in our mission. We can do this by going out and talking to young teens to find out what their expectations are.

The next steps include putting a plan of action together from our analysis. Goals must be set to be successful. We as an organization need to figure out what we want to accomplish and what we want to strive for. An example for a goal would be getting more young teens to understand that sex is not a game and how anyone can get pregnant if sex is not taken seriously. With this organization, we also expect many teens to have many questions about teen pregnancy. The members of the organization must all be qualified to response to their questions in the correct way so that our mission is being played out. Having great sources will be beneficial to the organization as well to show that we are trusting and reliable.

Without good advertisement, no one would know much about our organization. Promoting ourselves will get more people involved and interested in our group. This can be done through email, handouts, posters and news coverage. If we can’t communicate who we are or what we are about, no one will be interested in us. This is vital in keeping your organization alive.

As all of these steps are played out, I must evaluate if these steps are following through as planned. If they are, they may continue and get more detailed as time comes. The ones that are not working though, we must go back and do more research on how we can make it better.


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