Jenna’s Strategic Planning

I am the public relations chair for the Samford Runners, a voluntary club that has a mission to encourage running and walking for physical fitness.

My objective is to increase club membership. My strategy is to create more awareness about: physical fitness, running benefits and walking benefits.

My tactics include holding a 5k race in all surrounding cities, sponsoring health seminars across the state of Alabama, speaking in all public high schools and hosting two health clinics per year across the state.

This is my strategic communication plan, but some companies might have a harder time coming up with a plan and call on help.  PRSquared is a public relations blog that believes highly in calling for help. Many times those writing blogs for PRSquared have talked about using SHIFT,

SHIFT Communication’s Public Relations Fitness Test is a complimentary and objective analysis for organizations considering the initiation of a public relations program, or for organizations interested in an independent, creative review of their current public relations outreach efforts.

SHIFT focuses a majority of their work on strategic planning, and has been able to help many businesses reach their goals.

Remember that strategic planning consists of setting an objective, forming a strategy and reaching each strategy with specific tactics.


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