Creating a Strategic Plan

I am currently serving as the Public Relations Chair for the Samford Runners.

Our mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle through physical activity, specifically with running and walking.

The club is voluntary and open to anyone looking to live healthy. We believe that it is vital to the community to provide opportunities for individuals to become more aware and educated about the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle, especially when looking at how obesity has become so prevalent in our country today. A strategic communication plan must be developed in order for our mission to take action and succeed.

Strategic Communication Plan:

Our Objective and Strategy: To increase awareness about the health benefits associated with being a member of the Samford Runners Club, while also increasing the number of members by six within the next three months.

Key Tactics:

1. Teaming up with local health organizations promoting healthier lifestyles.

2. Traveling around the state to high schools and college campuses–provide students and faculty with facts, statistics about obesity and other health risks–creating awareness and forming new insights.

3. Holding an event called “Bootcamp”. The event would take place each season (4 times a year). It would be open to the public–to anyone seeking to become healthier. The cost would be zero because we would use community volunteers and trainers. The event will provide a one-hour workout session, motivational speakers and healthy food.

It is very important to provide valuable information and knowledge in order to make your goals believable. It is helpful to be very specific when creating a strategic plan and to know the difference between your goals and objectives.


One thought on “Creating a Strategic Plan”

  1. Hi Doctor Martin,
    I have been conduction a softball and bowling program in two states New York and Florida since 1998 and have started a Adult Day Training program in Florida.
    I think you have a great plan, physical activity would help better the health of the individuals who participate. This is one of the many things I encourage and would be a major program added to many other needed programs in our proposal to build a health center for individuals with developmental disabilities. Thank you for your helpful information and advice.


    Steve Biondo
    Founder of
    The Achievers of America inc

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