Split the Work

To be successful with social media, Chris Brogan figured that businesses needed to focus on listening, customer service, client relations, social marketing, sales prospecting and publishing.

While listening to what your consumer wants, Brogan said that it may help to split up the work between a few employees. This allows the employees to focus on one thing rather than multiple things creating a more precise environment for the company.

Customer service is the most important aspect of a business. The customer service department needs the most attention. This is the most time consuming part of business because you have to keep your customers happy at all times.

Social marketing is important. The social marketing department includes Twitter and Facebook. Finding new customers via these internet sites is important, but it doesn’t require lots of employees.

Sales prospecting is something people miss out on. Businesses forget about the search engines on the internet and go straight to calling. The internet is helpful because it shows the needs and wants of the consumers and allows you to stay in contact with your customers without having to waste time calling each individual.

Publishing is also important. It can be used for advertisement, informing your customers and it also allows for you to receive feedback on different items.

These steps will help benefit your company. Chris Brogan uses these tactics and has been successful up to this point. Try it out.


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