Nikon Camera Markets To All Photographers

Chris Brogan wrote a blog on how Nikon allowed him to use their new camera, the D300. Nikon hoped that Brogan would be good advertisement for them. He says that they chose him because he has a large fan base and it would make people feel that anybody can use the camera, not just professionals.

Brogan’s large fan base leads people to believe he is well-known and that people follow him. The more people that Brogan attracts, the more likely it is that they will buy Nikon’s new camera.

Brogan is just a regular person. He’s not a professional photographer. This means that he does not know the ins and outs of photography. His pictures may come out fuzzy or off-centered, but Nikon is insuring that with the new D300, fuzziness and off-centeredness would not be a problem.

It’s interesting to see that “big  time” businesses use other people to help promote and sell items.


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