The Proactive Report: Tips for Twitter

“The time to ponder the value of being on Twitter has passed. What you need to do is figure out how to make it an effective PR tool,” a quote from a Proactive Report titled 10 Twitter Tips.

Initially, I was that person who contemplated whether or not I wanted to be on Twitter and even now that I have an account I am still unsure of how to use it effectively. After reading Proactive’s 10 Twitter Tips my thoughts on Twitter have certainly broadened.

Provide valuable content, and don’t treat Twitter like another broadcast medium. These two tips really struck me because I had always thought of Twitter as just another Facebook, but it’s not. Although both mediums involve engaging in conversations and building relationships, Twitter isn’t used to broadcast that you are “no longer in a relationship” or post what you ate for breakfast as your status. People on Twitter don’t care about things like that; they want information and they want it fast! They are on Twitter to get the inside scoop on stuff they wouldn’t get anywhere else. For example, many restaurants post special deals such as buy one get one free items! Now where else would you hear about that?


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