Lists are not PR!!

The Bad Pitch Blog published an interesting post titled To Everyone. The blog is mostly about bad PR practices and in this specific post the main topic. The writer states the issue of PR practitioners just being “list makers” and gives an example of this situation.

A woman from a company had sent the blog a story idea about how Americans are more focused on  serious news rather than the tabloids since the recession. When the writers sent her back asking “How many did you send this to?” she came back with “…is a nationally issued press release with valuable news, but it went to a targeted list of appropriate outlets…”. The worst part is at the end of her response she asks “Are you a journalist?” In my opinion this is completely ridiculous for this woman to not know who she is sending information to. It gets even worse when after she realizes she has sent this to the Bad Pitch Blog, she goes on to apologize and say that it was a mistake from the company they outsource to make their lists. Having to have someone else make lists for you is probably one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. The writers respond by saying stop the list and save your company money and gives this valuable advice

“Lists are not PR”

Part of working in the PR world is knowing everything about who you are representing. That means actually spending time to getting to know your company or product. This example is showing exactly what not to do. If more people did their research, problems like this would happen less often.


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