Business cards becoming passe?

Chris Brogan makes an excellent point about business cards:

We tend to give out business cards because we’ve been taught this is what to do. It’s not. It’s the old way. In the old way, we just blast people with messages whenever WE need something. In the new way, you and I should only exchange cards if we’re looking to do future business.

What do you think? Should we continue giving out business cards, just to get acquainted?


2 thoughts on “Business cards becoming passe?”

  1. I think we should continue to give out business cards. With the busyness of todays world and the variety of people you may meet on a day-to-day basis it helps to a name and number on a little card rather then asking yourself, “Wait, what was her name again?” or “What company did he work for?” Having a card is a friendly and often needed reminder.
    Chris Brogan refers to handing out busisness cards as being the “old way”, this may be true but I think it still holds some value in it. Even if you’re aren’t looking to have business plans in the future that doesn’t mean the card shouldn’t be given out.

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