Conduct Research for Free?

Research is key when discussing the role of a PR professional. PR professionals have to constantly focus on what is going on within and around their company. It is important for professionals to use both formal and informal research tactics. For example, formal research allows a company to have interaction with their publics. Publics are vital to a company because they are what the company is trying to reach as well as please. PR professionals are implementing social media to conduct research because it allows for flexibility, timeliness and more open and honest feedback.

I follow Taziki’s Bham, a local Greek restaurant, on Twitter. The restaurant has done a tremendous job implementing social media into the daily activities of their company. They update often and keep people “posted” on new menu items, daily specials and even about local community events. I think the business has done a great job using social media to get their information out to their publics. It is a free resource that not only promotes the company but allows them to get timely feedback about how people may or may not have enjoyed their food. It is so bizarre to think about Twitter as a source of research but it really does help companies to see what their publics are saying or thinking. It is simply a new form of research available for free!


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