“Brand” New You- Networking is Key

PR Blogger Arik Hanson (arikhanson.com) posted a few days ago about an event called HAPPO. The event, “Help a PR Pro Out,” is designed specifically for PR job seekers. The event is not necessarily about giving people jobs, but more importantly, placing them in an environment where they can form new relationships with PR professionals, create social networks, have the opportunity for mentoring and to gain momentum. It is like the popular saying…“It is not what you know, but who you know”.

Networking is so important when you are job searching, especially when working in PR because you never know when you may need a quote or even a reference for a story in the future. It is interesting to think about my last post and how it connects with this event in that it all relates to the idea of branding, whether it be for the company you might be working for or yourself. It is so important to provide your future employers with a “positive brand”, one that could potentially be the face behind their company (maybe you?). I really enjoyed learning about the event that Arik Hanson seems both very passionate about and involved in and I think it is an incredible way to give back to the community by providing resources for those seeking to be the future of PR Pros.


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