Social media, social media, social media.

My blog, PRoactive, has not posted a new blog since last week. So, I decided to look back at some of their past blogs, and there is one reoccurring theme in majority of them PR for 2010 success is all in mastering social media. PR 2.0 What Works is the entry I have decided to write on this week. It is all about how to go about doing PR for this new year. In this blog the author, Sally Falkow, interviews Greg Jarboe. Jarboe is the president of SEO PR. He discusses how the things that used to work in PR do not work anymore, and this means if you want to stay in the business of PR learning new skills is vital.

Jarboe during this interview gave several skills that the new PR person needs to carry with them during the year, 2010. Here are the six tips that he discussed: learn to optimize news content, master social media, learn to do video marketing, be real, be credible, and be engaging. I felt like these six tips were really great advice, and I think it would be wise to listen to his advice. These tips are simple things to master and do, but in the long run if you can be the master of all of these tools and be able to keep learning then from what I understand you will do just fine in the world of PR.


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