Social media grows small businesses, study shows

Basing this entry off a comment a renowned videographer made about how, “social media will kill your [companies] brand,” Holtz made some really good points regarding how social media DOES in fact help small business get their name out there ( not just “good product, solid customer service and a domain”).

Having good products helps companies grow however, when other companies offer similar products Holtz asks, “What makes a company stand out?” Answering his own question Holtz replies SOCIAL MEDIA. I am in full agreement.

Cameras are a great example, Canon or Nikon? Both are great products and offer many of the same features but it is social media that can make the difference to a prospective buyer. Although this example is on a large scale the same idea goes for small business trying to be noticed.

According to a study made by the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business, Holtz mentions how social media has given small businesses a new and improved way of “answering customer questions and ensuring customer satisfaction, leading to repeat business.” I don’t know anyone who enjoys talking to prerecorded answering services when calling customer service.


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