Lori Merricks, one of the names behind Luckie and Company

After Lori Merricks came and spoke to our class on Thursday, I felt like I had a much better understanding of the PR world. She discussed the three aspects of PR brand marketing, brand protection, and brand alliance. Brand marketing is where you have something to represent something else, like a symbol. Brand protection is crisis management, and within crisis management you have two types: a smoldering crisis and a sudden crisis. Finally, brand alliance is setting up brands, that otherwise would not work together, and making them work together.

I really think one of the most important things that I learned was that “PR is a dialogue, not a monologue.” It made sense, but it just helped reiterate how important it is to always be listening for an opportunity to get one of your company’s name out there. Also, I learned the five key parts of PR research, strategic planning, writing, social media, and ethics. It really helped put PR in perspective for me, and helped me see what skills you need to be able to conquer to be successful in PR. Overall, I learned quite a bit from Lori Merricks, and I think it was a great opportunity to hear her speak.


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