Lori Merricks offers inside view to the “PR world”

What a pleasure it was to have the opportunity to meet such a young and successful women as Lori Merricks. Listening to her speak about her experience in the PR field certainly opened my eyes to a world I thought I would never be interested in. Lori was extremely informative and I’m quite thankful she came to talk to our class. Among the many things she spoke on the following five things are what really hit home for me:

  1. Well, I’ve always been told how important it is to read up on current events and/or catch the evening news however it wasn’t until I heard it from Lori that it came full circle for me. She too stressed how important it is; especially when working with her clients. “You don’t want a client ask you questions that you don’t know the answer to,” Lori said, “be current!”
  2. PR is a dialogue NOT a monologue
  3. Researching your client is vital. Contrary to my initial thoughts, Lori’s definition of “research” didn’t exactly coincide with what I do when writing a research paper. Instead, “research” when referring to PR and clientele simply means knowing your client…really well!
  4. Journalists, bloggers and consumers are key influences
  5. Already conscious of what I put on the internet, Lori did a great job reiterating how careful we need to be. She went on to explain the difference between a professional online presence and a personal one.

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