Is a brand MORE than just a logo?

Arik Hanson ( posted on his blog this week about brands and logos, using Caribou Coffee as his example. The coffee company is revamping its image as I write to you all. Hanson brings up the question “is a brand more than just a logo?” I learned that a logo should just be a piece of a company’s brand not what defines it. A company’s brand is more than just a visual but is what contributes to how people gain attitudes and opinions about a company.

It is important to look within the brand and use the stories behind the company, for example, the people who work for the company and use their experiences to foster the meaning that the company wants “branded” to them. Hanson provided new insights to brands and logos and what they do for a company. I really enjoyed reading his opinion and I think that he made some excellent points. It made me think about how our culture has become so visual and how we allow ourselves to be persuaded by a logo versus what truly matters which is the brand—what actually makes up the company!


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