How to Tweet like a Pro

Today I read a post by Jenn Riggle titled, “Singing the Praises of the Twitter Hashtag.” This phrase grabbed my attention immediately and as I read on it confirmed my assumption that this particular blog would be applicable to our PR class. It’s basically serves as a “how to” for Twitter users who want to learn how to effectively manage their accounts. Hashtags and TweetDeck are tools that you need to learn to use if you want to get the most of out your time on Twitter. Basically Jenn Riggle is suggesting that it takes work to get good at the game of social media but its well worth it. Hashtags work like zip codes. The # symbol followed by a specific tweet that applies to a specific audience or highlights an event. It helps ensure that your tweet doesn’t get lost in the flow and that the right audience is receiving your informative 140 characters. Check out the post yourself if you can- she does a lot better job of explaining how to use hashtags. As a new twitter user it is both helpful and encouraging to know that there’s a lot of people out there who have just started this race too.

by: August Rhea


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