First Thoughts on the Bad Pitch Blog

The Bad Pitch Blog is a blog about what to do and what not to do in the PR world. The blogs are always very interesting to read and can give you a good laugh.  An interesting post that I read on the blog was about Twitter and the Twitter Rule of Thirds showing how to participate instead of pitching on Twitter.  These rules are Push Value Links, Talk with People, and Self-Promote.

Push Value Links is about how the media is apart of our everyday lives in some way. With Twitter, people are tweeting all day about all types things such as top news, interesting articles they found, or the hot gossip of the day. The question is though do we really benefit from these tweets?

Talk WITH People is pretty literal. All Twitter is is a conversation. A conversation involves more than one person though and not just a conversation with ourselves.

Twitter is all about promoting your self. But when your only interaction is through Twitter new people might believe this is your only interaction if you don’t promote yourself in other ways.


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