A little Luck from Lori Merricks

Lori Merricks is the Senior Account Supervisor at Luckie & Co. here in Birmingham. Her job includes overseeing her team, event management and crisis management. She has been with Luckie PR since it began in 1999, starting as an intern.

Luckie & Co. was founded in 1953 and was the first PR firm in Alabama. They are most famous for their ads with Bear Bryant in the 1970s. The company now has 110 employees and offices in San Antonio and New York City. All employees in the PR department are members of PRSA and have journalism backgrounds.  The work the company does includes advertising, public relations, design, social media and brand planning. Luckie is a fully interactive agency and the 13th largest ad agency owned PR operation in the US. Luckie & Co. clients include Little Debbie, Regions, Books a Million, AT&T, Alabama Power, Mercedes and The Summit.

You have to think in both a journalistic and marketing world to succeed with public relations. There are three aspects of PR which include Brand Marketing, Brand Alliance and Brand Protection. The objectives of a good brand include delivering the message clearly, confirming your creditability, motivating the buyer and connecting your target prospects emotionally. Protecting your brand is very important. To do this you must be well informed in crisis management and internet reputation management. PR practioners are the “gatekeepers”. They make sure the storylines meet the editorial standards of each individual media outlet and each editorial format.

Lori Merricks showed us 5 tools to be successful in the field of PR. These include research, strategic planning, writing, social media and ethics. You must be able to do all of these to be proficient in this field. Her presentation showed me a lot about the PR world, want I need to do to make it in the field and where I would like to go into with this profession.


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