PRSquared: Jenna Tanner

After reading one of PRSquared’s newer blog postings, titled The Awareness Scale: How Social Media, PR, and Advertising Now Work Together, I was able to clearly see how social media has helped public relations and advertising specialist.

The awareness scale first focuses in on social media.  Social media allows individuals to create awareness of certain people, products or companies, that the audience has invested in.  The awareness scale then focuses in on how those in public relations can use social media to find out how the public is viewing their people, products or companies.  If the publics’ view is negative, then public relations specialist know their message is not being effective.

This is where advertising comes in.  Because advertising agencies can choose exactly what their audience will see, or read, public relations specialist can turn to them for help.  Advertising can correct the publics’ opinion, and their work can be tested through social media.  If social media creates positive awareness of the people, products or companies, then the advertising agency has done their job. This is all referred to as the awareness scale.


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