Lori Merricks, Luckie Company

Last Wednesday, our class had the great pleasure of having senior account supervisor, Lori Merricks, talk to our class. I enjoyed her powerpoint and I learned many new things about the world of public relations and also the company she works for, Luckie Company. Luckie Company is a “fully integrated marketing company” which means it has design, direct marketing, advertising, and social media departments. It is not just a company that specializes in advertising, or just online marketing. Luckie Company was founded in 1953 and now has 110 employees. In 1999, Luckie PR was established and it is now the 13th largest ad agency owned PR operation in the United States. Three aspects of Public Relations that Ms. Merricks mentioned are brand marketing, brand protection and brand alliance. These are three aspects that PR focuses on when creating a campaign. Also according to Ms. Merricks, to have a successful brand one must have trends, consumers, influentials and competitors. Some of the clients Luckie PR has dealt with are BCBS of Alabama, AL Power, Regions Bank, and Little Debbie. In conclusion, I really enjoyed our guest speaker and I learned many new things about Public Relations.

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